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Disclaimer / Terms of Use

IMPORTANT NOTE: The English version of this document will govern any relationship.  Any translated version is provided for convenience only and will not be interpreted to modify the English version.

The Newman Law Offices (the "Firm") provides the information on this website ("Website") as a service to its clients, prospective clients, and the public. While the information on this Website deals with legal issues, the presentation is for general information purposes only. Moreover, the information on this Website does not constitute legal advice. Any user of the Website, or any agent thereof (“You” or “Your”) should not act or rely on any of the information contained on the Website or any link thereto without seeking professional legal advice.

Furthermore, Your use of this Website does not create an attorney-client relationship between the Firm (and any of its agents or collaborating law firms) and You. An attorney-client relationship is created only by the execution of a retainer or a contract for legal services. Current clients may rely on this Firm's Statement of Client's Rights.

Please note that unsolicited, confidential information may not be subject to an attorney-client privilege and may not be treated as confidential. Therefore, You should not send the Firm confidential information without first speaking to an attorney with the Firm and receiving authorization to provide confidential information. If You have specific questions related to information available on this Website, the Firm encourages You to consult with the Firm, which can then investigate the particular circumstances of Your situation.​

Additionally, the Firm provides access to a secure database for current clients and in certain cases, for opposing counsel litigating against this Firm. Your continued use of the Website reaffirms the terms of the Access Agreement, especially Your promise and covenant that, within three (3) days of any relevant conduct, You will notify the Firm should You choose to provide Your login information to any person or entity without the Firm’s express written consent, or if You know, or should reasonably know, that your login information has been compromised, stolen, or is in any way available, or made reasonably available, to any person or entity.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of the law and the Firm’s reliance on information provided by outside sources, the Firm does not warranty or guarantee the accuracy or availability of the content on this Website or on other sites to which it may link. Prior results that may be referred to in this Website do not guarantee or suggest a similar result in other matters.

In no event will the Firm be held liable to any party for any damages arising in any way out of the availability, use, reliance on or inability to use the Website or any information provided by or through the Website, or for any claim attributable to errors, omissions or other inaccuracies in, or destructive properties of any information provided by or through, the Website.


Working at the intersection of litigation, business, and 

intellectual property



Working at the intersection of litigation, business, and intellectual property

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