This article details options available to a litigant in the United States in serving process on an individual / entity in Brazil, concluding, reluctantly, that absent waiver or alternative forms of service, letter rogatory is the only viable method.

Despite real policy concerns that current patent venue law concentrates too many patent cases in one judicial district, the appropriate venue to address this issue is Congress (and not the courts).

Despite real concerns that laches plays a critical role in protecting legitimate business activity and may rightly help attenuate substantial litigation bargaining power due to asymmetric litigation advantages inherent to NPEs over operating companies, the Court will m...

The issue of Cybersecurity is no longer associated only with large companies such as financial institutions (e.g., JP Morgan), manufacturing behemoths (e.g., Samsung), and media companies (e.g., Sony Pictures) as sixty percent (60%) of small companies go defunct follow...

Though various international agreements, including the PCT and Paris Convention, may preserve priority for potential patent protection in various countries, the bigger issue may be understanding any non-uniform procedure, especially for Taiwan, probably the most impor...

Federal Circuit invalidates Smartflash patents since it did not pass two-part Alice test, thus wiping out a $530 million dollar verdict against Apple.

February 23, 2017

The shipment of just one component of a multi-component invention can never translate into patent infringement pursuant to §271(f)(1).

February 3, 2017

Instead of engaging in politically-motivated judicial gerrymandering, a paradigm shift is required to solve the fundamental problems with the 9th Circuit, and thereby jettison the impoverished idea of splitting the Ninth Circuit.