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With a professional degree in business (MBA) and licensed in four jurisdictions in the United States, Mr. Newman advises corporate and individual clients (both in the U.S. and internationally, including Brazil) on a variety of legal issues.  These issues primarily intersect litigation, business, and intellectual property ("IP").   

Mr. Newman has extensive litigation experience, especially in commercial and IP matters.  In addition to arbitrating disputes, Mr. Newman also decides them as an arbitrator, typically those with a nexus to IP.  His litigation experience also includes, among others, bankruptcy-creditor work, qui tam and class representation, all typically having a connection to IP.  In the litigation context, Mr. Newman has conducted/participated in financial evaluations of multi-million dollar patented products and provided other detailed risk assessment.

As Mr. Newman also conducts those same analyses in arms-length transactions, Mr. Newman advises entities on a range of business issues including contracts, complex negotiations and more.  As a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company with major secured assets in IP, he currently has equity positions in several enterprises.  Mr. Newman's corporate-related legal work is thus also informed by his first-hand experience in the business world, including as a current member of the Pasadena Angels, an investment group.

As a registered patent attorney, Mr. Newman counsels traditional and innovative technology companies in the areas of patents and trademarks, including acquisition, prosecution, licensure, and enforcement / infringement. He also assists during the entity acquisition process.  Examples in this area include evaluating a target company's intellectual property portfolio or a transfer of existing IP rights to an acquirer. Mr. Newman also advises foreign technology companies expanding into the U.S. on implementing long-term IP strategies.

Legal clients have included corporate clients ranging from multi-national, multi-million dollar entities to smaller businesses, such as law firms, group practices, and retail establishments, including franchises. Individual clients have ranged from practicing attorneys and other professionals to the person needing basic legal advice.  Arbitrants have comprised Fortune 100 companies, international entities and disputes, and individuals as well; Mr. Newman has issued arbitral awards in at least Oregon, Maryland, Florida, and Washington, D.C.  Mr. Newman has testified as an expert.  Mr. Newman is ‘Of Counsel’ at multiple law firms and collaborates with a vast network of attorneys, law firms and other professionals both in the United States and abroad.   


  • State Jurisdictions 

            - Florida

            - Washington, D.C.

            - Maryland

            - Oregon

  • Federal District Courts

            - US District Court - District of Columbia

            - US District Court - Florida, Northern District 

            - US District Court - Florida, Southern District 

            - US District Court - Maryland

            - US District Court - Michigan, Western District

            - US District Court - Oregon

  • Federal Appellate Courts 

            - US Supreme Court 

            - US Court of Appeals - Federal Circuit

            - US Court of Appeals - 4th Circuit

            - US Court of Appeals - 9th Circuit (pending)

            - US Court of Appeals - 11th Circuit

  • Other 

            - US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) - Registered Patent Attorney

            - US Court of Federal Claims


  • American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA)

  • American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists (AAJLJ)

  • American Bar Association (ABA)

  • Bar Association of Montgomery County (BAMC) -- Co-Chair Intellectual Property & Technology Law Section

  • Bar Association of the District of Columbia (BADC) -- Patent Trademark Committee 

  • Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA)

  • Oregon House of Delegates (OSB)



  • Greenberg & Lieberman, LLC (since 2007)

  • Hauswiesner Law Group, PLC (since 2007)

  • Law Office of Christopher Paul Mitchell (since 2008)


Working at the intersection of litigation, business, and 

intellectual property



Working at the intersection of litigation, business, and intellectual property

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